I am a country girl who grew up in Heard County, Georgia. When I was 13, my sister married and moved to Tyrone where I would come and stay for months at a time allowing me to experience the county. At 17, I chose to move to Tyrone, and live with my sister and work in the Fayetteville area. I later moved away to get married and have recently found my way back to Fayette County, having lived here now for the past five years. I have made this my home and in order to give back to this wonderful community, I have created a business in downtown Fayetteville called Traditions Massage and Facial Spa. Being a Massage Therapist for over 9 years has taught me how to be a great listener and how to care for those in pain or those who need help with injuries. Having taken the oath to "Do No Harm" I pride myself on honesty and trust in the person I am working with. 

​While in business, I have grown to love this county and have met some of the most amazing people. All have become family, and some have become close friends during this time. I have become very active in my community and have had conversations with customers who want to see more out of their county. The people in this community are the reason I have chosen to be a voice for them.


I am a wife, a mother of three children, a grandmother of two grandsons, and a proud mommy of our little fur baby, Leo. My children are young adults and are active in the community. They have friends and jobs within this community and have often said, they needed more to do. Two of my children attended high school here, and one is currently enrolled at GMC. It is my passion to help all age groups within the county by enhancing their quality of life and providing a live, work, play environment. 

I enjoy attending local churches and am currently a member of Griffin First Assembly of God. In my spare time, I can be seen around town shopping, eating, and volunteering, continuously looking for new ways to help our county thrive in all areas. Getting to be a part of the cities we have lived in, has given me the love for people that is genuine and rewarding.


As a fiscal conservative, I have proven budget and leadership skills needed to help keep Fayette County's taxes down and keep the budget balanced so we can continue to see those millage rates decrease. While attending University of West GA, I was an assistant teacher for 4 years and this allowed me to learn patience and understanding. During this time, I married my husband and moved to McDonough, GA and as an assistant city clerk, I saw first hand how government runs and how ordinances work. We need some changes made to some of the ordinances here, such as the animal shelter and our senior services.  I want to be a voice for the citizens that will be heard and will actually sit down and talk one on one, not ignoring them. I want to be a part of something greater, so I decided to run for commissioner of District One.

As your Commissioner, I would effectively collaborate with all the municipalities and districts of the county to ensure the best plans are put forward. These plans should be in line with the priorities of the stakeholders as determined through a strategic planning process and be representative of smart growth principles. We also need to ensure we are continuously growing our greenspace and park areas to further enhance the quality of life of our residents. I will be an advocate for our local animal shelter and our senior services to insure they are being taken care of properly. I ask for your vote on June 9, 2020.

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